If you’re building a party of stalwart adventurers, the first slot to fill is “the big guy.” He’s the dude who loves to charge. The armored juggernaut who’s happy to take a hit. The rage monster throwing punches, small boulders, and small buildings at your enemies. But if you want to know what it’s like to be “the big guy,” then you’re going to want to experience the magic of beating a motherfucker with another motherfuckerWhile the best way to do that is probably (sickeningly!) via telekinesis, there is no substitute for body bludgeon. Sure there’s that old 3.5 feat called fling ally, and sure it may have the best art ever printed in an RPG product, but for pure big guy bliss there’s nothing better than picking up a goblin and beating another goblin with the first goblin.

Of course, if in the heat of the moment you happen to grab the party wizard as your improvised beatstick, it is advisable to deal nonlethal damage with him. After all, you’re not going to cast haste on yourself!