Why would Barbarian ask Fighter for fashion advice in the first place? That’s what I want to know.

I’ve wanted to do a Barbarian rage comic for a while, but I struggled coming up with things that would automatically set her off. I mean, everyone knows that fantasy’s favorite musclebound primitives have anger management issues, but they all seem to have their own idiosyncratic triggers. Conan hates magic, for example. Dwarven barbarians hate lite beer. Thog hates the prison industrial system. But what is it that all barbarians, regardless of race, multiclass, or creed, truly loathe? Finding myself unable to answer this question, I turned to my artist/wife for advice.

“Hey Hon?” said I, “Name something that is guaranteed to piss you off.”

If you’ve never met Laurel, she’s got a great death glare. There’s a strong possibility she’s got some gorgon ancestry in her family tree. I mention this because, in answering my question, she also took the opportunity to remind me of an unfortunate marital spat involving a similar question of fashion. As it turned out, that had not been the proper time for a cavalier rejoinder.

I turn now to you, dear readers, with the same question. What is it that’s guaranteed to send you (or rather, your favorite player character) into a towering rage?