Maslow’s hammer would be an excellent name for a spell. Just saying.

On the off chance that any muggles have made it this far into the depths of the comic, you guys will want to familiarize yourselves with the term Min-Maxing (Warning – TV Tropes link). In short, if you’ve got enough bonuses in any given skill then that’s all you’ll ever need to solve your problems. Case in point.

And sure, you can pick a social skill like Diplomacy or a go all swashbuckly with Acrobatics, but if you truly wish to make your GM cry then the only choice for the would-be master of min-maxery is combat. Mr. Stabby there probably has a few drawbacks, but you can bet he also comes equipped with some crazy bonuses to damage. Still, I doubt he could compare to the sword that Laurel’s last fighter used. It was a sun blade first of all, but a greatsword instead of a bastard sword. And it had reach. And because it was a mythic campaign, our GM decided to make it a x4 critical instead of the x3. And the bit about “deals double damage” was taken literally, meaning that this crit-fishing fighter wound up putting out x8 crits vs undead. Let’s not even get into the disgusting things that mythic power attack brought to the party.

We never got around to killing the Whispering Tyrant, but I like to think he was getting nervous up in his evil fortress of shadow bad fell darkness.