I feel like Cleric is just upset because he can’t find anything in his sacred texts that specifically forbids this.

In a world with multiple sentient species, what would a cannibalism taboo really look like? Those couple of days worth of rations that you buy at character creation can’t last forever, and you’ve got to eat something while you’re out in the wilderness. Just keep an open mind and you can turn a traditional adventure into a shopping expedition. After all, if goblins and kobolds are kill on sight, what difference does it make if you eat them too? They aren’t people. They’re just personifications of the principle of evil. And even if evil tastes a bit past the expiration date, it’s still edible. All it takes is the willingness to look at random encounters as a food source. I mean sure, you spend hit points rather than gold pieces to acquire your grub, but the concept is the same.

I’m being silly here, I know, but take a step back and think about the game at large. How many times have you worn dragonhide armor? How many times have you taken a shot of troll styptic? Ever pause to consider what your amulet of natural armor is made from? I’m not saying that a self-respecting adventurer ought to change his ways. I’m just saying that there may be a fantasy-world version of Green Peace out there trying to save the noble orc from overharvesting.