It is a high holy day for geeks, and we couldn’t resist adding our own homage to the occasion. Of course, this page was just a “wouldn’t it be funny if” sort of thing when I pitched the idea to Laurel. She immediately got a crazed look in her eye, exclaimed, “Cleric is an Ewok!” and began sketching furiously while giggling like a Kowakian monkey-lizard.

We’ve got tickets for a Thursday night The Force Awakens screening, so by the time this goes live we will have learned such invaluable pieces of trivia as 1) Who’s got a bad feeling this time? 2) Is Jar Jar actually a secret Sith Lord? 3) Where the hell is Luke? 4) And most importantly to your bladder and mine, is there a post-credits scene? For the sake of posterity my guesses are Finn, no, he’s the new Emperor, and who cares we’ll all piss ourselves together.

As far as Star Wars and gaming, I know my group is looking forward to our upcoming all Wookiees campaign. (“The senator steeples his fingers and looks at you expectantly. What do you say?” “GRRRRRRRRAaaaawhhh whhhr!”). What about you guys though? Anybody out there have any good Star Wars gaming stories?