We’ve all been there. It’s third watch, everyone else is asleep, and no interesting random encounters are popping up on the chart. You’ve got all those useful ranks in Sleight of Hand though, and so you’ve got the resources to make your own entertainment. Why not see how many straws you can fit up the barbarian’s nose? Or sew that high falutin half-elf into her sleeping bag? Or apply a little prestidigitation (soil object) to all of the ranger’s smallclothes? Well as it turns out, there’s a very good reason not to do these things.

Prank wars have a way of escalating beyond the bounds of harmless fun. While the instigator might try any of the harmless shenanigans above, her victim will usually respond opportunistically. And since most of the game has to do with overcoming dangerous challenges (read: combat), that’s where the opportunity is likely to arise. Support type characters have the easiest time here. They simply withhold their usual buffs and heals, where other characters have to be a bit more direct. Magic users might “accidentally” catch you in the area of their fireballs, front liners might “accidentally” push a monster into your square, and sneaky types might “accidentally” push a dagger into your pancreas. And now we’ve graduated to full-on PVP because you thought it would be hilarious to store your bacon rashers in the bard’s tuba. (Although to be fair, if that tuba happens to be a horn of fog, bacon-scented fog banks are pretty amusing.)

How about you guys? Have you ever been involved in an intra-party prank war? How did it end up, and what was the best prank?


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