Wait a minute… I thought that Demon Queen still had her demon powers, just in Magus’s body. How else did she make her eyes glow that one time? Was that just her invoking the real Magus’s thaumaturgy? But hang on… That’s a 5e spell! Magus isn’t even a class in 5e! And why would Demon Queen know how to cast it if she did have access? Most of a demon’s powers are innate spellcasting, and I seriously doubt a displaced demon lord would have studied the intricacies of spell combat. Even more concerning, if Bad Cat lacks access to her powers, does that mean Her Majesty, Queen Scratchypaws of the Demon Web Pits now possess the awful might of a near-deity?  CLEAN UP YOUR CONTINUITY, HANDBOOK!

Anywhoodles, while Team Bounty Hunter deal with their gug struggles, let’s take a moment to empathize with Bad Cat’s plight. This is a feeling I know well. I may have my issues with late-game rocket tag, but starting over at level 1 after wielding the cosmic might of level 20 can be a drag. Suddenly the thousand and one options of a full-power PC are reduced to “attack once and move.” You can also yawn as a bonus action.

The common wisdom here is to start your campaigns at low (but not too low) level. In 5e D&D for example, that might place PCs at 3rd level where their archetypes kick in. The difference between a swashbuckler and a thief rogue tends to be more mechanically dynamic than “1st level rogue with rapier” and “1st level rogue with bag of ball bearings.” Still, any bit of additional complexity can be taxing when you’re teaching new players. “Wait, which one do I roll again?” is usually enough of a learning curve on its own.

I’m actually coming up against this issue myself this summer, having been asked to run for a group of newbies here in Berlin. Would you give ’em the full-on 1st level experience as a way to ease into the game? Or would you start ’em at a slightly higher level for that more engaging mechanical experience? I’d honestly love some opinions on this one, as this whole oops-I’m-GMing-5e issue is kicking off within the week!


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