The Heroes

The “main party,” these guys are the core protagonists of the comic.

You know Fighter. Every gamer knows Fighter. He’s a murderhobo, munchkin, and consummate That Guy. He’s the front liner for the Heroes, wielding the dark bastard sword Mr. Stabby and sitting astride his noble unicorn / trusty wingman Lumberjack Explosion.Thief
The unluckiest rogue in the multiverse, Thief is an expert at failing rolls in the Stealth, Pick Locks, and Disable Traps categories. A tiefling of indeterminate demonic lineage, she loves nothing better than stealing from dragon hoards, corrupt noblemen, and the party treasury. She’s also been dating Wizard since Intraparty Romance.”

A by-the-book kind of dwarf, Cleric is an expert rules lawyer. He believes in fair play, good beer, and faux-Scottish accents. As a man of faith in the perfectly-generic fantasy setting that is Handbook-World, Cleric can most often be found praying to the equally generic “goodly gods.” Presumably he’s asking for the patience to put up with Fighter.

Wizard thrives on drama. She loves deep roleplaying, staying in character during even the most obnoxious out-of-game outbursts. Heir to an elven kingdom, Wizard has forsaken her royal duties in favor of the adventuring life. She continues to pursue love and adventure in human lands, though both activities have been complicated somewhat by a magical gender swap.