There’s a surprising dearth of “unicorn walks into a bar” jokes online. Maybe my google-fu is weak. Meh.

Serious question though: how does fantasy world architecture accommodate non-human inhabitants? Peter Jackson did a bang-up job making us feel like Bag End was too small for Gandalf, and that The Prancing Pony was more sized for men than hobbits. But what about a truly integrated world? Suppose you’ve got centaurs living alongside humans, or that merfolk regularly interact with land dwellers. What does the resulting city design or interior decorating look like? This question can lead to some seriously cool settings.

You know what did a great job with this? Dinotopia. Just look at this awesome bit of world building. I’ve actually got a dragon riders campaign coming up, and I’m planning to go back and mine my old Dinotopia books for a lot of these details.


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