I asked Laurel to draw the biggest, most ridiculous spiky armor she could imagine. I think she did an amazing job, but I tell ya, my hat’s off to the WoW guys. Gul’dan makes Fighter look tame by comparison. I bet the night elves are all over that guy.

In all seriousness though, as fantasy goes mainstream WoW is having a huge impact on our genre’s popular conception. This can be a good thing (more players!), a bad thing (what do you mean my Paladin doesn’t have aggro?), or a silly thing (lol shoulder armor). Personally I’m pretty torn on the subject. Not everything has to be all “stern men of Gondor” and pseudo-historical, but at some point I feel like you can’t lift that sword, guy.

What do you guys think? Do you approve of the influence that WoW is having over the fantasy genre, or are you all grognardy about it?


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