Sorcerers are rock stars. Sometimes literally. They’ve got big personalities, flashy spells, and pure uncut Columbian grade magic running through their veins. People are drawn to that, and no amount of Knowledge (arcana) can make up for it. It sure as shit won’t make you any fun at parties.

Wizards, on the other hand, are bookish nerds. They still remember how they got that wedgie from the party meat shield way back at level 1, and they resent it. Once they acquire their standard-issue phenomenal cosmic power they’re only too eager to show all those bullies the power of their huge, throbbing brains. This tends to make them pedantic know-it-alls. It also makes them resent those smarmy-smug jerks over in the sorcery camp. What with their good looks, silver tongues, and natural aptitude, everything seems to come easy to them. Did they work for any of it? Did they study? Or did those sorcerous slackers stay up drinking with the girls from Bard House the night before finals? And then, insult upon injury, they somehow manage to scrape an A- anyway!? Unforgivable!

All of the above is to say that sorcerers and wizards are natural enemies. It’s like Yankees fans and Red Sox fans. Paladins and Rogues. Your mom and deodorant. The two just don’t mix. And any second now, that poor beleaguered bar maid is going to have to run and fetch ye olde fire hose, because mage duels and wooden structures also don’t mix.

So what about you kids? Are you more of a wizard or a sorcerer? Which one would you rather play, and which would you rather be?


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