There are adventurers out there who will tell you with a straight face that, because they’re out doing good and saving the world, they deserve free stuff from good-aligned temples. While this may be an especially suspect claim in Fighter’s case, chances are it’s a bunch of munchkinly jiggery pokery no matter who’s saying it.

“But we were injured fighting the duckbunnies that have been eating your parishioners!”

Bully for you. You’ve still go to pay.

“I would never have been cursed with early onset male pattern baldness if I weren’t trying to drive off that evil hag.”

Sorry, Cueball. If it bothers you, then pay.

Let me put it this way. Can you imagine an off duty cop waltzing into your local church and plundering the collection plate because, “We both fight evil, and you’re obligated to help me?” How about an EMT walking off with the Salvation Army change bucket because, “I’ve got a more pressing need?” These may be charities we’re talking about, but your average goodly temple has a lot of overhead, what with all that feeding the homeless and healing the afflicted. You on the other hand are a bunch of jacked up murder hobos. You’re going to tell me that you’ve got weapons worth more than the temple itself, but somehow you can’t afford to shell out for your Band-Aids?

I mean sure, if the village is under attack right now and you’re the last line of defense between a bunch of cowering refugees and certain doom, then feel free to pay Sister Mary Tightwad with a punch to the wimple if she doesn’t cough up some heals. If on the other hand the army of darkness is not on the doorstep and you’re just trolling for free swag, then you’re robbing from church. That’ll be 20 Hail Sarenraes and no loot for you.


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