As good as that belt (?) is for Fighter’s build, there are some additional considerations at play. For example, does it make his butt look big? Can the rest of the party stomach the smell? Can a necromancer animate the thing? That last one is especially important from a called shot to the nuts standpoint. Undead fish flopping around at crotch height are a surefire way to the sickened condition.

As a writer type guy, I’ve got to admit that I’m not so great with the whole visual imagery thing. The last wizard I played wore an enchanted helmet. This thing was made by dwarves, and it allowed him to teleport through stone a couple times per day. Great item, right? It was big and bulky and made of stone, but it worked a treat. Underneath this I also wore a ruby headband. And on top of my other cranial accouterments I wore my usual pointy wizard hat, because what kind of wizard doesn’t have a pointy hat? Sure I had to tie it on with string, but arcane tradition demands no less. Any dang way, it was only when I tried to sweet talk the High Magister of Lastwall (a smokin’ hot gold dragon bloodline sorceress) that my GM actually pointed my appearance out to me. Suffice it to say that I failed to win the affections of said sorceress.

More recently I ran into this issue with a buddy’s witch PC. There are plenty of cool items for the build. The corset of dire witchcraft, the witching gown, and the cackling hag’s blouse are all great magical doodads. I’m just not sure they’ll look so hot on a dude.

How about you guys? Ever find a powerful item that didn’t quite fit your character concept?


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