So there you are, facing down the literal hordes of Hell. It’s epic last stand time. Magic crackles from your fingertips, thunder booms in the distance, and the weight of a years-long campaign bears down upon you. The speeches of Theoden, William Wallace, Prince Hal, and (if you’re a geek like me) Sir Orrin Neville-Smythe all echo in your mind. Your greatest hope in this climactic moment is that you can find the words to do your story justice.

Then this shit happens.

Understand me here guys: I write a webcomic that makes fun of fantasy tropes. I enjoy shouting “Ni!” during sessions as much as the next guy. In 99 encounters out of 100 I’ll go for the pun, the non-sequitur, or the silly innuendo (You’re going to use your rod of lordly might? Please Sir Reginald, keep that thing in your pants!) But if you’re going to crack wise in a serious boss fight, please for the love of Gygax take stock of your fellow party members. Does the mantle of righteous fury sit like a storm cloud upon Steve’s brow? Does a single tear of true emotion sparkle in Bob’s eye? Is there a tremor in Susan’s voice as she describes her paladin standing fast before the tide of darkness? Then maybe, just maybe, you ought to hold off on the fart joke.

There are few enough times in this life when it’s possible to really feel like a hero. There’s no reason to ruin them when they do come along.

How about the rest of you guys? Have you ever seen a serious gaming moment ruined by an ill-timed joke? Tell us your tale in the comments!


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