Today marks the third and final episode of our crossover with Dungeons & Doodles (unless of course you count the latest Handbook of Erotic Fantasy). While it’s a banner day for inter-webcomic cooperation, it looks like things haven’t gone so well for Paladin. His on-again-off-again romance with Necromancer has finally caught up with him. Even if we can sympathize with his motivations, dude still committed an evil act. One shudders to think what might have happened if Demon Queen had somehow made it through that hell portal! And so, down in the gutter with tarnished armor and flickering halo, our hero has fallen from grace. There but for the the grace of god (or thine own path of righteousness) goest thou, Angie!

You guys have already heard my best fallen paladin story, so what do you say we take a more general approach the question of paladin codes? We can debate endlessly about whether or not Paladin deserves to fall in this particular scenario, but at the end of the day it’s all about his paladin code. What tenets has he broken? Does he believe that he deserves to fall? And what exactly is The Big Blue Lady’s opinion on the matter?

To answer these questions, it’s important to have a more specific rubric than, “Was it Evil, Y/N?” As any number of forum arguments demonstrate, that question is infinitely open to interpretation. Instead, I find that it’s more useful to consider your paladin’s idiosyncrasies. Are they all about “speak no word that is untrue?” Maybe their holiest dictum is “leave no one behind.” Or perhaps you positively, absolutely have to stop at the tickle feather when it’s time for interrogation?

If you’d like to take a whack at crafting your own code/oath, then I highly recommend this tool. Laurel has used it to great effect with her ‘frat boy paladin.’ Dude is bound by oaths to Cayden Cailean to follow The Bro Code. The result is a character that still feels like a paladin, but has a more distinctive personality than “default champion of righteousness.”

So for today’s discussion, what do you say we talk oddball codes and custom oaths? What would it mean to swear an oath of poverty? Are you bold enough to accept all challenges to duel no matter what? Would a hypothetical ‘knight of courtly love’ fall if he neglected to help Necromancer in that fateful ritual? These kinds of hypotheticals can gives rise to some of the meatiest RP and plot-hookiest of paladins. So get into character-creation mode, and then give us all your most inventive codes, tenets, and sacred oaths down in the comments!


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