It doesn’t matter if your name is literally Summoner. If you summon critters from the great cosmic terra incognita to do you bidding, you’ve got to ask yourself some serious questions. A few examples:

  • Did I just create life? Does that make me a god? An honorary Frankenstein?
  • If the creature already existed elsewhere, what was its life like?
  • Do its buddies think it was just abducted? Am I the magical equivalent of a UFO sighting?
  • If I get to decide what my eidolon looks like, what did it look like before the summoning?
  • Can I visit my summoned critter’s home plane? Does it have an address? Should I send it an nice gift basket with an “I’m sorry for making you fight inbred hillbilly ogres” note?

In the case of Rouge the Eidolon, it would appear that her home plane is full of unshaped potential eidolons. And also mean girls. I’d probably want to get out of there too.

But as we continue on our month-long journey through planar cosmology, I think it is worth pausing to ask yourself the most important questions from the summoner’s big book o’ brain teasers.  Where do summoned creatures come from, and what is their home like? Sound off in the comments with your own idiosyncratic takes, novel interpretations, and bizarre head canon!


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