Well I mean, Paladin came on this adventure to save someone. I’d say he’s fulfilling that mission admirably! Of course, his goddess may have other thoughts on the matter.

It certainly has been a whirlwind romance for the gold-plated aasimar and the lady in black. From their unfortunate first date to their bitter enmity to their many romcom shenanigans, Handbook-World’s most star-crossed lovers have put serious energy into making one another’s lives miserable. And yet, their frequent attempts at making up always hinted that something more lay beneath the avowed dislike. Unfortunately, when you’re trying to bridge class divides, a Hollywood ending can seem impossible. Whether or not you can cut that Gordian knot is the stuff campaigns are made of.

For example, do you guys remember that gruff old bear lunar who fell in love with an abyssal? A few details from their romance. Part of the storyline from that Exalted campaign was the source of the bear’s magic. If you want to learn sorcery in Creation, you have to make some kind of sacrifice. That sacrifice might be a monk-like vow of poverty, some literal biblical malarkey, or your own right hand. In the bear’s case, it was his heart. He cast aside his lady love, and spent most of the campaign regretting that decision, falling back in love with the spurned PC session by session.

By the time the campaign was approaching its climax, the poor bear found himself in a serious pickle. He had invested heavily in magic. The character needed all the power he could get since (appropriately enough for this Handbook-arc) he needed to stem the tide of a demon invasion. The surest way to gain that power was entry into the second circle of sorcery, but that required yet another sacrifice.

“F that noise,” said the bear. “I traded love for magic once. I won’t make the same mistake again.”

And so he kissed the girl, lost access to all his sorcery, and sacrificed his most powerful abilities in the party’s hour of direst need.

“I’m pretty much useless mechanically now,” said the player. “It might cost us the campaign, but I can’t justify any other course of… Why are you handing me a sheet of paper? Why does it have the rules for second circle sorcery on it? Why are all the spells the leveled-up versions of the first circle spells that I just lost? I’m not supposed to be able to cast these if I don’t sacrifice something of great…importance… HOLY SHIT!”

I believe he finished the final fight by punching a demon into the sun with his newly summoned warstrider. And so, in honor of all those noble souls who have done the wrong thing for the right reason, tell us about your own sacrifice plays! What has your character given up in the name of honor, love, or duty? Tell us your tales of selflessness and sacrifice down in the comments!


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