We’ve all been there. The battle is won, the party is victorious, and all the baddies are either dead or fled. Sucks to be you though, because the mayor’s daughter is still missing and you don’t have any leads. But hey, would you look at that? One of the cultists is still alive after all. He’s beaten up pretty bad, but a splash of cold water should have him awake and talking in no time. Why not tie him to the chair while he’s still out? Why not ask him a few questions when he wakes up?

Well I’ll tell you why. You might not realize it, but you’re teetering on the precipice of another boring alignment argument. No one’s going to object to a little Intimidation, but the minute that skill check fails somebody else is going to bring up those neat third party rules. You know the ones. They’ve got DCs set for things like “Deep Hurting” and “Erode Willpower.” And now Bob, who decided it would be a swell idea to play a paladin this time around, has to stand between you and Evil Henchman #41. And you’ve got to remind Bob of all the horrors doubtless being visited upon the poor innocent mayor’s daughter. And now Bob has to draw his sword all dramatic like and make some ultimatum. He’s going to talk about the good man he thought you were, the lines you just can’t cross, and in general make a big obnoxious stink about it when you only wanted to figure out where the crap you’re supposed to go for the next encounter.

So you know what? F that noise. Just kill the cultist while he’s unconscious and save yourself the trouble.


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