There’s always that one guy in the group. You probably have one at your home table. No matter what system, no matter how good the odds, he will find a way to screw up the die roll. Such hapless luck-suckers always manage to faceplant into the pit trap, fail their save vs. mind whammy, succumb to the effects of poison, or somehow biff their attack rolls against inanimate objects. Never allow such a jinx to touch your dice, and for safety’s sake you should probably make them sit at the far end of the table.

Thief, for example, has the ill luck to be saddled with such a player. That poor girl really ought to consider a career change.

Which brings us to today’s meta-update.

Handbook is up past 50 pages now, and it’s occurred to us that we need to share the spotlight a little. Fighter is our main guy, and that’s not going to change any time soon. But if we’re going to keep this thing going into the foreseeable future (which is indeed the plan) we want the rest of the gang to be something more than a generic adventuring party, never mind the fact that they’re named after their respective classes. We’ve got Fighter nailed down as the resident munchkin, and “the unlucky one” seems like a good fit for Thief. As for Cleric and Wizard, you may have noticed that the former is a little too lawful, while the latter always seems to enjoy staying in character (hint hint). They’ll get their moment soon.


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