General Dice Etiquette

  • Out of Bounds — If it falls off the table, it’s a re-roll.
  • Oops! — If it accidentally falls out of your hand, it’s a re-roll. No waiting to see whether it’s good result or not.
  • Never Touch Another Man’s Dice — You will straight up suck the mojo out of them with your unlucky mitts. Hands off!

Colin’s Dice Rituals

  • Tournament of Champions — Gather your candidate dice and roll them before each session. Pick out the low rollers and re-roll the rest. Continue doing so until only the strongest remain.
  • The Ugly Ones Try Harder — You don’t want stuck-up prima donna dice that look good and then phone it in on the field. You want hard working dice. You want Rudy dice, dice with vomitous speckles and clashing colors, dice that are stoked to see play and want to give it 110%. Also they’re cheaper.

Laurel’s Dice Rituals

  • Character Dice — Do you love your characters? Are they important to you? Then they deserve their own dice sets. Make sure to pick colors to match personality.


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