Friggin’ occultists! I had this comic all planned out. There was gonna be ghost busting and spell-slinging and all manner of by-the-books spiritual banishment. I mean, this is a 6th level occult spellcaster we’re talking about! Thematically they’re all about dealing with the unquiet dead. The occultist even gets a planchette as one of its default accessories! It would stand to reason that they’ve got some go-to means for fighting incorporeal critters, right? Well no. Not unless you rely on the always-unexciting cure line of spells. It’s only when you get to 5th level magic and entrap spirit (pictured in today’s comic) that you wind up with purpose-built ghost bustery.

Now I know my audience, so I have no doubt that one of you nerds will pipe up with, “Ha-ha! You missed the obvious solution psychic power in ‘Expanded Occult: The Guide to More Optional Options.'” But let’s be fair. If you’ve got to look it up, it probably isn’t that obvious of a solution.

And that, my friends, is the real point of today’s comic. So often when we’re building characters we wind up checking off the can deal damage box, the respectable saving throw box, and the I have decent AC box. But you’re going to have to fight actual monsters rather than theoretical ones. And that means planning some kind of response to swarms, flying enemies, aquatic critters, and indeed to incorporeals. Even if that response is, “I rely on my buddies in this scenario,” it pays to double-check with the rest of party. If that’s their plan too, then you might want to revise your strategy. Because the last thing you want to do is find yourself face-to-face with the shade of Wicked Uncle, realize that none of your usual tricks work, and go, “Umm… I guess I delay.”

So then! For today’s discussion question, what do you say we run a quick incorporeal safety check? Your character is faced with an obnoxious ghost. It’s phasing through walls, resisting your non-magical attacks, and possessing your big dumb fighter’s big dumb body. What’s your plan for exorcising this repellent revenant? Sound off with all your best ghost busting techniques down in the comments!


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