I think maybe druid court is wise in it’s dispensation of justice. Snowflake super needs a break from the dating scene. I just hope that the entire horse/elf/unicorn love triangle came to light in discovery. I mean, if characters would only take a moment to calm down and explain things rationally… But then again, Snowflake doesn’t seem to have much “rational” to spare.

This is part of the problem with irreconcilable differences in RPGs. You might have a Charisma jacked through the roof. Your arguments may be persuasive. But sometimes the other fellow refuses to see reason. This is, I think, why the phrase “roll initiative” was invented. You’d be surprised how often I’ve seen players try to hash things out though.

Take my paladin buddy. Dude once tried to talk a werewolf out of lycanthropy. That’s not bad in and of itself. “You’ve got to fight it!” is a trope after all. But this particular attempt went on for nearly 20 minutes.

“Just come with us! The priest in town can help you!”

“It’s too dangerous. I might hurt someone. Snarl.”

Wash, rinse, repeat. In retrospect, this was not my finest moment of GMing. I should have called for a definitive roll and said the words, “You don’t think he’s going to listen. You’ll have to change tactics.” But by the same token, my buddy the paladin is an IT guy IRL. He deals with obstinate, pigheaded people all day long, which means that his version of “the power fantasy” looks like “explain things clearly such that the other person changes their mind.” In that way, I believe he’s a fine specimens of Rational Modern Man.

As inhabitants of the 21st century, we like to believe that logic and discourse can win the day. But sometimes illogical people appear. Sometimes they just won’t listen. And rather than repeating the same old arguments at them ad nauseum, sometimes it’s best practice to cut your losses and get on with some alternate approach.

Question of the day then! Have you ever run into an NPC with unshakable beliefs? What was the argument, and why wouldn’t they listen to you despite your excellent Persuasion roll? Tell is all about the crazy clingy horses in your life down in the comments!


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