Poor Cleric. The dude tries to show a little multicultural awareness (a rarity for a dwarf) and catches a beating for it. There ain’t no justice, I tells ya.

The many worlds of Dungeons & Dragons are odd places, theologically speaking. On the one hand you can choose to devote yourself to a deity, gaining a number of sweet spiritual powers in the process. Alternatively, you can follow the way of the monk, attaining physical perfection and purity of spirit through discipline and exercise. In both cases you wind up with some very real, very demonstrable powers. A cleric can heal the afflicted and summon angels to do his bidding. A monk can chug poison like Gatorade, snatch arrows in mid-flight, and even attain immortality at high level. Plus they’ve got the rock hard abs that Friar Tuck just can’t match.

All of this leads me to wonder how anyone is supposed to choose a philosophy in D&D world. An evangelist from Earth might talk to you about Morality and Truth and similar, but a D&D style practitioner can show you literal miracles. Watching wounds close through the power of the gods is pretty convincing stuff, after all. The problem is that the other dude in the temple across town has some impressive ki powers of his own. My guess is that there are extremely competitive job fairs in these settings. I imagine that they turn into elaborate fighting tournaments by the first afternoon.

Question of the day then. If you found yourself in a fantasy world where multiple different philosophies produce miraculous results, which would you choose? How would you choose?


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