In a world full of names like Fighter and Wizard, I’ve noticed that only companions and familiars seem to get proper names. I guess that means Druid’s animal companion isn’t named Bear. Hmmm… Well then, Fluffy-Butt it is!

You can imagine Druid’s surprise and dismay when she came upon poor Fluffy-Butt half dead from Mr. Stabby wounds. If you’ll recall Druid’s first appearance, she actually took pity on something as repulsive as a Fighter/bugbear combo. She’s a soft touch, but if you mess were her fuzzy friends you’re going to catch hell.

I point this out because, if you’ve never played in an Exalted game, the concept of “intimacies” can be useful tool in your role-playing toolbox. The formal definition is “anything your character cares about enough that it changes how the character acts.” Intimacies might be a cause, an ideal, a place, a person, or a nation. Pretty much anything, really. These are important parts of character creation in Exalted, and can actually give you mechanical advantages if you’re fighting for a positive intimacy or against a negative intimacy. However, I think the concept is a good one to think about in any system.

So how about it, gang? What is something your character cares about so deeply that it would change the way they act? What is the one thing that beats the “my character wouldn’t do that” out of you?


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