Hang on to your dice bag and get ready to make a save vs. startlement, because I’ve got some shocking news. There are actually people out there—and this is true—who don’t speak in the 1st person when playing RPGs. Weird, right? These people will make a stirring speech or a dramatic eulogy or toast His Majesty’s health by rolling dice at the issue.

But you know what? I’ve made my peace with that. People game for different reasons, and there are plenty of goodly geeks in this wide world who are uncomfortable with funny accents and ad lib. Clearly Ranger is one of these people, and even though it’s weird to me, I’m still happy to game with these kinds of players. In my experience they tend to be more tactically minded, or else really enjoy the social aspects of the hobby. But as one of those weird talky players, I do have a request for my less loquacious brethren: at least describe what you’re doing! 

It doesn’t have to be some long or flowery description. I don’t need you to replace, “My brothers! The forces of darkness march against us, but they shall break upon your shields like the waves upon the Sea Cliffs of Et Cetera,” with, “My character calls the soldiers her brothers and tells them that the enemy will break upon their shields like the waves upon the Sea Cliffs of Et Cetera.” But I do need at least a vague description of the content of the speech. I’m talking something like, “I remind them of of their duty” or “I begin chanting the words of their anthem.”

It doesn’t have to be much. I’ve got a pretty good imagination, and I’m more than happy to fill in the blanks for myself. But even if you’re the type of player that just wants to crack open a cold one and roll dice with the boys (never mind the improv acting crap!), I think that saying “I make a speech” is weak sauce. Speaking as somebody who does enjoy the storytelling elements of RPGs, I appreciate any little detail that I can get.


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