There was actually a middle chapter in the brief adventures of Jeremy the Dragon, but we wound up deciding to make this thing a two-parter. On the off chance that you’re morbidly curious though:

Title: Jeremy the Dragon, Part 1.5/2
Text: What separates a hero from the monsters he fights? About 8d8 points of cold damage in a 40 ft. cone, that’s what!
Pic: Jeremy the dragon just caught a batch of evil undead skeletons in his cold breath, single handedly winning the combat. The monsters are frozen corpse-cycles. The dragon looks abashedly proud as the others cheer him. Fighter stands in the foreground, enraged with jealousy. Mr. Stabby pulses with anger.
Cleric: Three cheers for the dragon! Hup hup…
All: Huzzah!
Jeremy: “I’m sorry guys. I didn’t mean to hog all the skeletons. What if I give you my share of the treasure to make up for it?”
Thief: *single tear*

Ultimately, we realized that Fighter didn’t need any additional motivation to be a jerk to his kid brother. Some players just don’t belong in the same group, and stabbings are a swift and efficient solution.

How about you guys though? Have you ever had to kick somebody out of the party? Or (horror of horrors!) have you ever been kicked yourself? If so, what happened?


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