Gotta love disgruntled background Thief. We already know how well she deals with jealousy, so she can’t be happy with Lord Cragchin’s smooth talkin’ ways. Insult to injury, I daresay she’s getting outdressed by her boyfriend. That’s a double-whammy, folks! I’d be upset too.

Of course, today’s comic isn’t about jealousy. It’s about the proper application of magic, and I’m not talking about Fem Wizard’s enchanting evening gown. When it comes to spell slinging, a little subtlety and finesse can go a long way. Case in point, imagine that instead of an elaborate plan involving transmutation magic and a kick-ass makeover, Wizard had gone in guns blazing.

“What are you doing in my court?” demands Lord Cragchin. 

“I assure you,” says Wizard, “I like this seduction business even less than you do. Let’s just get it over with. Charm person!”

Sparks fly. Courtiers gasp. 

“That elf has magic’d his lordship!” shouts the captain of the guards. “Get him!”

*stabbing sound effects*

Yes, magic gives you the means to do damn near anything you can imagine. It’s not an auto-win button though. You’ve still got to set it up properly depending on context and situation. In Wizard’s case, you’ve got to get the rest of your party to distract the guests while you cast. You’ve got to wait for the crescendo of the waltz so that no one hears your magic words. You’ve got to approach the problem like it’s more than a Monkey Island puzzle, selecting the one right answer from a menu of options.

The same principle applies to collateral damage and AoE spells, relying on speak with dead to solve mysteries, or detecting evil at the ambassador. Knowing when and where to leverage your magic for optimal effect is the art within arcane science. Just something to think about next time you want to charm a public official.

Question of the day then! Have you ever seen someone use the “right spell at the wrong time” in one of your games? Let’s hear of your tales of unsubtle charming and fireballs in the firework factory down in the comments!


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