The latest Patreon poll was a bit of an odd duck. When we introduce a named character, it’s usually a matter of asking our Quest Givers to choose a new class — Street Samurai or Space Marine? Antipaladin or Assassin? But this time we had an existing character. He’s appeared in the comic before on multiple different occasions. We didn’t know his name though. Happily, I think that the good people of Handbook-World got it right. I hope you will all join me in welcoming BBEG to the comic! (Runners up “Dark Lord” and “Boss Monster” will be consigned to the “next campaign” folder.)

There’s a weird pressure in getting villains right. That happens to be true on the tabletop as well as webcomics. When we first introduced The Evil Party, I figured that they would serve as the comic’s primary antagonists. That didn’t last long. Sure they do villainous things. So does Drow Priestess. But I think that there’s a difference between lovable antiheroes / treacherous minions and THE CAMPAIGN VILLAIN.

When you’ve got a proper villain running around your setting, you want a chance to show off their villainy. That’s why you’ve got powers like the lich’s phylactery, the vampire’s misty escape, and BBEG’s rejuvenation. You want the party to interact with them, witness their nefarious deeds firsthand, and then fight them later. That’s why the villain’s escape kit gets its own subheading on the Pathfinder SRD. You want to clash with the heroes and then ninja smoke bomb your way out of there. That’s how those detestable do-gooders learn to hate you.

As for the Union of Goblinoid Guards in today’s comic, they are Exhibit A in showing off villainy. Sure it’s a cheap trick, but mistreating your own minions is efficient shorthand for showing the world that, “I am a bad guy.” And that of course brings us to our question of the day! When you’ve got your own BBEG to introduce, how do you convey to your players that they’re pure, dag-nasty evil? Let’s hear all about your best nefarious deeds down in the comments!


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