Today’s comic strikes close to home. That’s because I ran a dragon campaign not so long ago, and I had to make the tough call about which items worked with the draconic body type.

This was a Pathfinder 1e game, and I was using some fun third party rules for dragon PCs. Happily, that supplement comes complete with its own Draconic Physiology entry under the racial info, so I knew exactly what items my fire-breathing PCs could work with (armor, belt [saddle only], chest, eyes, headband, neck, shoulders, and wrist). Unfortunately, that’s not the end of the story.

After that campaign ended, it fell to me to roll up a dragon antagonist for some of the same players. And if you’re not using fun third party rules, and if your’e trying to stick to first party RAW, you run face-first into a problem. There’s no listing for dragons on the Magic Item Slots for Animals chart. (Presumably some elder wyrm on the Paizo editing staff refused to be classed as an animal.) My scaly antagonist had kidnapped one of my PCs are robbed her, and so he had an unusual variety of magical gear that I wanted to use against the party. Maniacal laugh and such, sure, but my aforementioned issue was still unresolved. My fun plot moment was being stymied by precedent, and I didn’t want to be accused of inconsistency.

What followed was a harrying chase across the Mage’s Forum. Rules for wildshaping came into play. Rangers discussed their animal companions. Paladins had questions about their mounts. The 3.5 version of the Draconomicon came up in conversation, and the always tricky question of in-game justification reared its horned head: “Such external dependencies are mortal crutches unbecoming of a true dragon!

In the end I simply let my dragon wear its captured maw of the wyrm and nobody called me on it. Happy day. But since overthinking things is what we do here at the Handbook, I want to hear from the rest of you. What magic items do you allow your critters to wears? Do you slip boots of speed onto your horses? Do you force your druids to drop their magic swords before wildshaping into dire apes, thus preserving the useful weapon from melding into the form? Corner cases and judgement calls abound, so I’m curious to hear how the rest of you guys do it. Sound off in the comments with all your weirdest body-type problems!


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