Ouch. That is not an especially auspicious start to an assassin’s career. Nevertheless, I hope you will all join me in welcoming Ninja to the main comic. What could lure him out of hiding in the back alleys of the Handbook of Erotic Fantasy? Well, aside from following his on-again, off-again boyfriend Warlock into the PG-13 version of Handbook-World, our aasimar hitman-for-hire has his eyes set on a major contract. Asked to choose the identity of Ninja’s victim, our Quest Giver patrons decided to put the hit out on Elf Princess. (So rest easy Aristocrat, Quest Giver, and Lady Duplicity! You guys are safe for now.)

Now I don’t know about the rest of you, but when I think about rolling up a ninja the first place my brain goes is the wacky weaponry. All those glorious sais, nunchucks, kusarigama, and sianghams get me itching to try out an unconventional fighting style. It may be super mall-ninja of me, but whenever I walk through the local Discount Import Gifts and see one of these things on display, I immediately start flipping through the old mental rolodex for feats.

Of course, making an exotic weapon build work can be tough to pull off. Feats are scarce for most classes, and learning how to swing that glaive-guisarme-guisarme-glaive properly means you’re delaying other important advancements. That makes gaining access to esoteric cutlery a balancing act. How long do you delay it? Does it hurt your character concept to use something else in the meantime? Is there a world in which (like Ninja) you’re willing to eat that non-proficiency penalty for the sake of the cool weapon?

For today’s discussion, what do you say we swap a few of our less-common war stories? What’s the weirdest weaponry you’ve wielded in a game? Was it an effective build, or would you have been better off using a more conventional sidearm? Tell us all about those seven-branched swords, rope darts, and crystal chakram builds down in the comments!


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