Today’s page marks the end of the Paladin/Necromancer arc we began back here. Having decided to make a go of simultaneous do-gooding and necromancing, we now leave our mistress of undeath to contemplate her alignment, while our master of Lawful-Stupidity does what he does best. Whether he will ever succeed in 1) performing enough impossible tasks to impress our big blue goddess (who really ought to get a proper name); 2) satisfy the requirements for divine heraldry; and 3) use the fringe benefits of demigod status to write his own paladin code… is anybody’s guess. It’ll be fun to watch him try though.

As long as we’re talking about impossible tasks (again), let’s spare a moment for that unhappy fish. Maybe I’m the weirdo here, but I always thought that cutting down the tallest tree in the forest with a herring ought to be possible. Like… Couldn’t you tape it to the other end of a two-handed saw? Sure it’s not much fun for the herring, but it ought to be possible. Or what if you go for the linguistic shenanigans? Just dump your l’il fish buddy in a bucket and let him supervise. Suddenly you’re cutting down a tree with a herring! And even if you’ve got to literally use the fish in the cutting process, couldn’t you use fish oil to sharpen a proper axe? Or let its tiny fish bones lightly score the trunk? (You didn’t say what percentage of the tree I had to cut down with the herring!) Or in a pinch you could even [insert crazy bullshit from today’s comments section].

The point is that players will come up with a “clever” workaround. And as you might guess from the my brilliant ventures in fish-based deforestation, “clever” gets the quotation marks for a reason. You see, it doesn’t matter if you believe your wish was adequately worded. Or if your alternative answer to the sphinx’s riddle technically meets the requirements. Or if your familiar could conceivably—in some universe—actually help you with the Help action. What matters is convincing the guy behind the GM screen that it works that way. And as much as the Clerics of the multiverse might favor hard and fast rules, this shit is always open to interpretation.

Bottom line is this. When your brilliant idea might or might not work, and when the deciding factor is the necessarily-subjective opinion of an overworked nerd with all the plates of an other-world spinning through their brain, you can never be sure what’s impossible. You just have to go for it. And that is precisely why this guy has a catch phrase.

So while I have no doubt that goddess names and herring debates will dominate today’s comments, what I’d really like to hear from you guys is “attempts at the impossible.” When have you tried something that really shouldn’t work, but you managed to do the deed anyway? Was it genuinely clever Aslaug-ing, or total fast-talking bullshit? Whatever the flavor, tell us all about those times you convinced your GM to permit shenanigans down in the comments!


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