We talked about the perils of over-accessorizing back in “Pass the Eyeliner.” So rather than revisiting the realms of too-detailed character description, what do you say we talk about the other thing going on in today’s comic? Namely, coming up with an idiosyncratic source for your dude’s power.

This is similar territory to reflavoring, where barbarian rage transforms into “cold focus” and paladin smites become “believe in yourself anime strike.” There’s a subtle difference though. Where reflavoring is all about using identical mechanics to describe different concepts, extrapolating is about expanding on existing details. It’s the equivalent of “yes, and” for  printed materials, accepting a game’s premise as written but then expanding it as you see fit.

In today’s comic, Warlock is discovering a bit more about his relationship with Archfey. No matter how many time your double check our fairy queen’s rules, however, you won’t find reference to scarf-powered magic. But by the same token, nothing says that’s not how it works. In essence, there’s nothing to stop you from implementing whatever flavorful bonus shenanigans you like.

You could just as easily make it a part of your monk’s practice to train with his master before leveling up. Maybe your cleric confesses his sins as part of spell prep each morning. Or your oracle uses historically-accurate divination techniques as somatic components for her spells.

We all do this to a certain extent. Imagining what spell casting looks like or how advanced fighting techniques actually work is part of the fun of transforming inert stats into fully realized characters. And so, in the interest of doing this biz a bit more deliberately, what do you say we trade favorite examples? In today’s comments section, tell us all about your favorite moments of “extrapolation.” What was the mechanical element, and how did you twist it and shape it to make it your own?


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