With a killer character design in our back pocket, we knew that our next hero would be an oread named Cavalier. The only problem was that we had no idea what her mount should be. Happily, the good people of Handbook-World had our back, and they were kind enough to make their wishes known in our latest Patreon Poll. Thus, I hope you will all join us in welcoming Brick the giant snapping turtle to the comic (better luck next time Axe Beak, Dire Bat, and Tiger).

Let’s not give all the love to the animal companion though, because he’s really only half the equation. When it comes to the cavaliers, mounted paladins, and equestrian fighters of 3.X, it’s all about that sweet, sweet charge. Anyone that’s ever done the simple math of lance + spirited charge = Eomer face knows just how amazing it can feel. The business end of a lance is the tactical nuke of the battlefield, resulting in chunky salsa whenever it strikes home. Of course, as our own Cavalier is discovering today, setting up the charge can be a bit of a headache.

So just to review and makes sure we’re all on the same page: If you want to perform a mounted charge, you must first get Mount A into Dungeon B. We all know how difficulty that can be. Next you’ve got to move at least 10 feet. You have to go directly towards the opponent. There can’t be any obstacles in your path: no difficult terrain, low walls, open pits, or poorly-positioned allies. You must then check for caltrops. Make sure your enemies haven’t readied any actions to disrupt you. Cross-reference the Geneva Convention. Ask your mount if it has mixed feelings about charging a barghest on a day that ends in “y.” Enter an existential crisis as a free action, consider changing your name from Cavalier to Champion, rediscover purpose in the midst of your internal struggle, and then settle on the exact wording of your anime battle cry.

It’s honestly a wonder that any charge ever happens. If it actually comes together though? Oh baby is it ever worth it.

So for today’s discussion question, what do you say we talk about those glorious moments when the warhorn sounds, the thunder of hooves rises, and the perfect charge actually comes together? Today, it’s a chance to share war stories that would make Theoden King proud. Tell us all about your best frontal assaults, valiant advances, and daring leaps to the fore down in the comments!


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