I like to imagine that Fighter sublets a corner of Fort Kickass from Krieger. It’s probably an adversarial tenant/landlord relationship.

The thing about players is that, if you can get them invested in a setting, they’ll fight tooth and nail to defend it. Give them a tower, titles of nobility, or a spot on the king’s council and suddenly they’re all about protecting the kingdom. Attack their family members or wise mentors; kick their dogs or burn their guildhalls; steal so much as a gold piece of their loot and the murder hobo will come out with a vengeance. While this makes PCs easy to manipulate within a certain narrow bandwidth, the downside is that they tend to care ever so slightly less about the rest of the world. We can only assume that Fighter’s last name is Kickass, and that he comes from a long and noble line of Kickasses.

The really tough bit is that you never know who or what the party will latch onto. The party might adopt that goblin baby as a mascot or kill it in cold blood. They might try diplomacy on that behir, and now you’ve got to adjust encounter difficulty to offset the party’s new lightning lizard. They might even decide that your lisping unicorn is hilarious rather than annoying, and suddenly you’re stuck lisping for the rest of the campaign. Even after the unicorn in question turns evil, begins rubbing it’s hooves together menacingly, and starts muttering about “betwayal,” the players will inevitably—inexplicably!—love the derpy thing. Right, Laurel?


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