Never ask Fighter about his character. Trust me on this one. He’s got the same bad stuff as the wannabe vampire.

It is seriously difficult to be a fan of these games without turning into a bore about it. Dragons and elves and enumerated platonic solids have a way of worming into your subconscious, creeping into your conversation, and beginning every one of your sentences with the phrase, “I had this great idea for a character.” It gets bad, man. For crap’s sake, I’ve got to block the Pathfinder SRD just so I can get my writing done. I’ve got a buddy who has to withstand periodic Facebook messages asking his opinion on my latest build. I’m married to my illustrator, who is my collaborator on a gaming webcomic, who is also active in the same five campaigns as me, and the poor girl still has to tell me to shut up about gaming every once in a while. I guess what I’m saying is don’t invite me to your cocktail party.

How about you guys? Have you ever been cornered by an oversharer? Or worse, have you ever realized halfway through a conversation that you were guilty of RPG TMI?


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