No, this isn’t what The Handbook of Heroes is usually about. This past week isn’t what any of us are usually about. I play games to entertain my friends, to express myself creatively, and to crack wise with strangers on the internet. The world doesn’t stop at the edge of the magic circle though. Mundane reality has a way of leaking in and coloring our fantastic worlds. Today, I hope that the reverse is also true. I hope that things like heroism, justice, and capital “G” Good find their way out from the borders of fantasy.

If you came here today hoping to escape the madness pouring out of every available media outlet, I apologize. We don’t plan on becoming a political cartoon. But even if our platform is small here in Handbook-World, we hope to lend our voice to the chorus shout that Black Lives Matter. We’ll get back to your regularly scheduled adventure on Friday.

In the meantime though? Go out there. Save the world. Do more than pretend to be a hero.

(NOTE: We’ll be keeping an eye on the comments for this one. Keep it civil. Inflammatory comments will be removed.)


We’re not the only people in the gaming community speaking out on police violence and systemic racism in the US. The following list comes from the good people at r/rpghorrorstories. With any luck, these resources can help to effect change in a tangible way. If you have anything to add to the linkstorm, please shout it out down in the comments. Remember to only give what you can.

  • Official George Floyd Memorial Fund — A GoFundMe organized by Philonise Floyd, George Floyd’s sister. This is where you can donate directly to the family. They also accept cards of support as well if you cannot afford a donation.
  • Donation Mega List — The Rolling Stone has collected many dozens of sources you can choose to donate (a few of which are also highlighted here). Your one stop shop.
  • Color of Change – Justice for Floyd — A petition you can sign advocating justice for George Floyd, already past 100%. Keep up the support.
  • Minneapolis Relief Resources — An assortment of links to GoFundMes and Fundraisers to help local businesses in Minneapolis repair after they’ve been damaged by the protests. Also food drives and city clean ups.
  • Campaign Zero — An organization dedicated to ending police violence. Comes with useful tools to look up state/federal legislators in your area, and to track the status of police related legislature as well. If you can’t get involved monetarily, we encourage you to add your voice to the chorus.
  • American Civil Liberties Union — ACLU supports the individual rights and liberties of American citizens. Besides donating you can check our their Take Action section to get more information on protests and events near you.
  • We <3 Lake Street — An initiative to clean up Lake Street, Minneapolis and help fix up the damaged businesses there.