I bet you think that necromancy is the evil school of magic. Well it is, no arguments here. It isn’t the only one though.

It was during my stint as a Pathfinder evocation wizard that I learned the evils of the enchantment school. We’d been tasked with defending this dwarf hold from a band of marauding stone giants. They’d been raiding the breweries and pillaging gem mines, and it was our task to find the dickbag of a stone giant chieftain causing all the ruckus and cut him down to size.

So there we are, hacking apart the big lugs pretty as you please. It gets to the last one and I shout to our fighter to take him alive. She obliges, and we’re left with a pile of oversize corpses + one concussed giant. I do my thing, the cleric heals the giant, and we suddenly have a cooperative prisoner. He’s only too happy to take us back to the hideout. He’d be more than happy to introduce us to his boss.

Now my wizard happened to be of the chaotic good persuasion, so I did my best to actually befriend our new companion. As we travel overland into the Mindspin Mountains I learn that my mind-whammied buddy has ambitions and a backstory. He’s got hopes and dreams. The DM tells me his freaking name, and now I’m invested. So when we go through the inevitable dungeon, slaughter half the tribe, and it finally comes time to turn my new pal loose, I was feeling all happy on his behalf.

“Looks like your tribe needs a new chieftain,” I say. “Why don’t you take the job?” Then I hold out my hand to shake on it, dropping the spell as I do. “No hard feelings, right?”

The giant looks at me like tragedy incarnate. “I… I am a kinslayer,” he says. Then he just hangs his head and cries. That’s the day my wizard swore off the enchantment school.

What about the rest of you guys? Any tales of mind control gone wrong? Let’s hear it in the comments!


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