It was finally time for the grand finale. The party had fought their way through literal Hell, commandeered an infernal tax collector’s airship, and were making their assault on the BBEG’s palace. It wasn’t an easy approach. They had to slog their way through a couple of difficult fights just to get on an approach vector, and our band of Lunar Exalts were dangerously low on essence.

Me, An Idiot: “Remember guys, they don’t collect money down in Hell.” 

My Players: “The tax collector’s essence battery!”

Me, An Unsuspecting Idiot: “Exactly. Of course, there may be some side effects if you top off using infernal essence, but you can still–“

My Players: “We’ll use it as an Essence Bomb! We drop it on the Palace!”

Me, A Remorseful Idiot: “Goddammit…”

There’s a reason that black powder tends to be expensive or scarce in D&D. It’s the same reason why, in a Pathfinder campaign when my players boarded an enemy pirate ship, I chose to make it a “ballista and crossbows” kind of ship rather than the “pistols and cannons” kind. If you give players the means to blow a hole in your campaign, they’re going to bloody well find a way to do it.

So here’s my question of the day to all your little pyros out there: Have you ever managed to get your hands on an arbitrarily large amount of explosives in a game? What did you blow up? Let’s hear it in the comments!


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