You guys know DM of the Rings, right? If somebody wanted to take the concept and apply it to Pulp Fiction, I would read the shit out of it. Just sayin’.

Any dang way, I think we all know how Gunslinger is feeling. Roll dice for long enough and you’ll see some unlikely malarkey. You know the stories. They’re the ones that end with the words, “Natural fucking twenty.” We’ve all got a few.

In my own travels to strange countries, I’ve heard tell of a single skink warrior taking out a Bloodthirster daemon. Then there’s the infamous natural 20 > natural 20 > natural 20 > instant death rule. I’ve never played at a table that actually used it, and I’m not convinced that it really exists in any system. Nevertheless, if you roll two 20s in a row, the dude sitting next to you will invariably nudge you with his elbow and waggle his eyebrows: “One more and he’s dead, right? We’re playing with that rule, right?” I’ve told the story before, but my current crop of grognard pals recount the tale of the Demon Lord insta-kill that got away. And I myself have witnessed a man roll so poorly in d10 System that he knocked himself out with a celebratory high five.

So what about the rest of you guys? Let’s have your stories of awesome improbability. When did the dice go weird? Did it lead to catastrophe or triumph? Tell us your tale down in the comments!


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