It’s tough to roll a 72 on a twenty-sided die. However, as our friends from Exalted are so fond of saying, anything is possible. By way example, here are a few of the more difficult tasks you can attempt in 3.5 D&D:

  • Balance on a cloud: DC 120
  • Climb on a perfectly smooth, flat ceiling: DC 100
  • Use Diplomacy to make a hostile foe a fanatical follower: DC 150
  • Detect surface thoughts with Sense Motive: DC 100
  • Use Escape Artist to pass through a wall of force: DC 120

You read that right. It’s possible to be so good at getting out of grapples that you can phase through barriers of raw magical energy. Of course that’s not the most absurd use of Escape Artist.

All of the above is fairly amusing, but it does present a problem. I’ve seen DMs freeze up the first time a PC rolls a 40+ check. I’ve seen STs do the same in d10 System. I mean, if the rule book describes five successes as a “legendary result,” how are you supposed to describe ten successes? Or twenty? What happens when your players have to roll their dice pool with a bucket? Do you just use more adjectives? Queue up the laser light show? Because I’ve seen PCs turn solid rock to lava on a miss. I’ve seen PCs so pretty that they blind lesser mortals in passing. I’ve even heard rumor of a PC who rolled so high on Notice that they realized they were only a fictional character inside an RPG. These things happen. As a GM, you have to know how you’re going to respond. (Hint: Never be afraid to invoke the Mythos.)

So how about you guys? What’s the most ridiculously high roll you’ve ever seen in a game? How did the GM deal with it?


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