All praise and honor to noted patron of the arts AsimovSideburns who, upon seeing the preview for today’s comic, pretty much wrote my rant for me. The following paean to Rul’zaz’ritan, Handbook-World’s premiere deity of Law, is quoted in full. Ahem:

Rul’zaz’ritan demands adherence, but also the wisdom to know when to hold your tongue. For is it not written in the texts that the dungeon master is the final arbiter at each table? And is not there Rule 0 to ensure that all at the table come together and enjoy the game together, as a party?

For there are the Rules As Written, but we must remember that in every temple of gaming, there are their own Rules of the House, which we may discuss but must abide by or else find a different House in which to Game.

And so, let us bow our heads in humility, and remember that we have all of us misremembered, mistaken, or homebrewed, and that even those who set down the texts have also given us errata. Let us remember the joy of the game, lest we fall to temptation and become That Guy.


Couldn’t have said it better myself. And because I’m a lazy-ass bohemian, I decided not to try.

So for today’s discussion, what do you say we all learn to be better leucrotta together? What would you say to tempt out a rules-loving adventurer? And for that matter, what technically-incorrect nugget would lure you from your hiding place? Give us all your least lawful rulings and most common misconceptions down in the comments!


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