I’d hoped to start this post with a link to Chris Perkins’s wonderful “The Circus is in Town” article. Sadly, the twin ravages of time and internet have eaten it. Too bad. It was full of all kinds of good advice for dealing with the freaks and weirdos of the campaign world. Or more specifically, dealing with the fact that you and your closest friends are the biggest freaks and weirdos of all.

I mean, just imagine being a dirt farming peasant in your typical fantasy town. It’s been a long hard day out in the muck fields, but you’ve persevered and got yourself a good clod harvest. You decide to celebrate by heading down to the local tavern, eager to knock back a tankard or six with the other hard working muckrakers of Dirtdale. So there you are, belly up to the bar of the The Filthy Pig Inn, when in walks in no particular order: an animated suit of armor; an old lady and her dead husband; one of the evil race you warn your children about; a freaky little lizard man that swears he’s a human trapped in a kobold’s body; and a nice elven lady. That last one wouldn’t be so bad except for the freaking allosaurus she just tied to the hitching post.

We all like to imagine that our fantasy worlds are living, breathing places. We like them to makes sense; to have some modicum of internal consistency. But when you look at the insane array of player options, and when you consider how easy it is to turn the default Fellowship of the Ring type party into a cavalcade of weirdos, you begin to get the sense that certain hands must be waved.

Question of the day then. What’s the weirdest character you’ve ever had in a game? How did the rest of the campaign world react to their weirdness? Let’s hear it in the comments!

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