So you’ve got a villain. They’re a badass. They’ve got dastardly schemes. The motivations are compelling, and their mustached in imminently twirlable. One problem though: You cannot convey any of this shit to your players.

Think about it. If you put a party of heroes in the same room as a villain, somebody’s walking out of that encounter dead. The goodly dummies will pull the trigger and roll initiative before your villain is done monologuing. They’ll stubbornly chase after them rather than saving the trolley car full of innocents dangling over a narrative precipice. In a word, they’ll kill the baddy dead when they’re not supposed to.

I’ve linked this resource once or twice before, but the villain’s escape kit is something you’re going to want in your  back pocket. Whether we’re talking about airborne escape, physical barriers, magical hindrances, or teleportation, or illusory escape, or simply sailing away real fast, you’re going to want contingencies in place. After all, it’s hard to pull off a really satisfying dastardly scheme when the heroes keep killing you BBEG.

So here’s my question for today’s comic. When you want your villain to live to fight another day, how do you ensure their safety? Do they deliver dire warnings via dream? Do they roll around the countryside in a giant wall of force hamster ball? Or maybe they simply summon a wall of exploding ice swords or whatever to buy time to run away? What your strat, let’s hear about all your best antagonist longevity contingencies down in the comments!


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