We haven’t seen Monk in a while. I guess he’s been spending the downtime training his unarmored movement ability, because that little dude is crazy fast! I personally suspect him of using performance-enhancing ki, but chances are that’s technically legal as well.

That’s the thing about lawfully-minded characters. As long as they can square it with their personal code, there’s no limits to the kind of chicanery they’ll get up to. The same happens to be true of players.

We talked about this a bit last time we checked in with Summoner, but bending the rules for the sake of power is going to get different reactions at different tables. Where infinite wish loops and peasant railguns tend to raise eyebrows, however, I’ve found that the esoteric and the unconventional tends to pass the sniff test.

Case in point, my favorite strictly-legal trick comes from the Pathfinder 1e mythic rules. I used a non-lethal version to win a wizard’s tourney, then promptly promised my GM never to use it again. Here’s the step-by-step:

1. Be a 20th level wizard.
2. Get to Mythic Tier 4
3. Take Mythic Feather Fall
4. Obtain 40 mice.
5. Place mice in a convenient container.
6. Fly above your enemies.
7. Dump mice on your enemies as a ranged touch attack. (Or as a splash weapon at the easier-to-hit empty square.)
8. While the mice are mid-flight, expend two uses of mythic power to cast Augmented Mythic Feather Fall on the mice.
9. Deal 200d6 points of force damage to your enemies with your mouse grenade.
10. Laugh maniacally. (optional)

I’m sure you could really crank this one, but even if you “just” add the maximize and empower metamagic feats, you’re looking at 200d6 (all sixes) + 80d6 (assuming average damage) for ~1480 force damage, give or take 40 saves to half.

I’ll admit, figuring out how to break the mythic rules isn’t exactly bragging rights, but it is my personal best. What about the rest of you guys? What are the best rules exploits you’ve actually managed to pull off in a real game? Let’s hear it in the comments!


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