Well guys, it’s been 444 comics. I think we’re due for a running gag. The first “Never Split The Party” came out in Handbook of Heroes #7, and has been live as long as the comic. This is only the second time we’ve returned to the theme, but I have a feeling it won’t be the last.

Like we said way back in the fall of 2015, splitting the party is usually a no-good-very-bad idea. Most encounters are based around challenging the whole party, so blundering into a group challenge all loneliest wolf style is generally going to result in chunky salsa. I mean, there’s a song about it for crap’s sake. But like so many things in this hobby, there are exceptions to the rule.

As Fighter so ably demonstrates in today’s comic, there are certain times when splitting the party is absolutely the right call. Complex heists, multi-stage combats, and character-specific duels can all result in cool moments around the table. That’s something you can’t achieve when everyone insists on sticking together in one big group.

And so, since we’re anticipating a return to this theme in the future, what do you say we put our heads together for a little brainstorming? For today’s discussion, let’s come up with a few answers to a simple question. Aside from the obvious, what are some situations where you definitely WOULD want to split the party? Let’s hear all about your ideal solo-missions down in the comments!


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