Exciting news from your humble comic creators: We’re moving to Atlanta! I’ll be starting at Georgia Tech in the fall, aiming at a Ph.D. in Digital Media. While I try to figure out my dissertation topic (hint: it’s TRPGs), Laurel will be busy winning bread. It’s sure to be an exciting and no doubt harrowing adventure. Yet never fear, Dear Readers! The move will in no way affect our Handbook of Heroes production schedule. It will, however, affect the living crap out of our ongoing campaigns.

I look at poor Gunslinger there and I see myself a few months hence. Of course I plan to keep up with my current games. They’ll just turn into exercises in play-by-post or go online with Roll20. Insofar as I’ll be at a technical school, they may even go virtual. That said, there’s no doubt in my mind that I’ll also be hunting for a new in-person gaming group, and I’m a bit out of practice at it.

I mean, how do the kids manage it these days? Am I supposed to make friends first and then convert them to gaming, or should I find gamers and make friends with them? Is nearbygamers.com still a thing? What about meetup? Am I better off poking my nose into a friendly local game store and sitting down for some organized play, or is it a smarter move to wallflower it up like an awkward freshman in the corner of my new school’s game club? Maybe my best bet is just to spin the wheel and check out the Looking For Group subreddit.

What do you guys think? If you were moving to a new city, how would you go about finding your next gaming group? Sound off in the comments, because I could use the advice!


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