There’s nothing I like better than pulling an obscure NPC from my notes, plopping him down on the tabletop, and watching my players go, “Oh snap! It’s Sanwick Barleydew, the halfling drover we helped out in session 1!” That moment of recognition lets me know I’ve done my job. I’ve created a memorable character. I’m only slightly less happy when my players go, “Oh snap! It’s wossname, the halfling drover from session 1!” That’s because I understand about multisyllabic fantasy names. Mentioned once upon a time in the basement of yestermonth, these things are friggin’ hard to remember! If the table at least recalls the encounter though, then the name can always be supplied. At least in theory.

“Hey Colin!” my players have been known to say, “Can you remind us of this guy’s name? I don’t think I wrote it down anywhere.”

And then comes the stuttering. The blush of flusterment creeps across my cheeks. Notes shuffle. Google Docs are furiously consulted. And at long last I can only tab to and lie my ass off.

“His name is [refresh, damn you!] Quinzin Nimblefound! I’m surprised you guys didn’t remember that one.”

Thankfully, I have a high Bluff score. What about the rest of you GMs though? We all know it’s a good idea to keep a list of unused names on hand so that you can assign them to random NPCs. But when it comes to tracking your cast of thousands, how do get organized? Have you ever pulled my trick of renaming an established character? Are you a stubborn soul, excavating your full binder o’ notes until the lost name is properly recovered? Or do you actually have a functional wiki meticulously kept for just such an occasion? Tell us all about your own cast page difficulties down in the comments!


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