I am firmly of the belief that more PCs should own casual wear. What kind of yahoo lazes about the house in full plate with a golf bag of assorted weaponry? Grab a hoody for Pete’s sake!

Also of note, I feel like the practical implications of fear immunity are too often overlooked. Your paladin’s fight or flight response? When level three rolls around it’s reduced to “just fight.” Suddenly rollercoasters lose their savor. Haunted houses are always lame and disappointing. And when it’s time for scary movie night, your awesome class feature just makes you miserable. Thanks no thanks.

Fortunately for the rest of us, horror movies remain an excellent source of entertainment. And more importantly for GMs (especially during this spooky time of year), they remain a great source of inspiration.

Alien and its many sequels have inspired a thousand and one derelict spaceship sessions. George A. Romero is responsible for any number of (un)dead adventuring parties. Some of my personal favorites for steal-the-plot-and-turn-it-into-game night include The Hills Have Eyes, Jeepers Creepers, Cube, and (if I’m feeling especially silly), Slither. I’ll usually pair that last one with a little Voltaire for flavor.

What about the rest of you guys though? When it’s time for your annual Happy Halloween session, what’s your go-to horror flick? Share your favorite titles so that the rest of us can cut up, sew together, and Frankenstein our own scary-movie plots down in the comments!


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