Poor Wizard. It’s got to be tough seeing your name dragged through the mud every time some fresh abomination rolls off the magical production line.

“Is that a wasp jellyfish?”

“A wizard did it.”

“Why would you need a spiderphant?”

“I blame the wizards.”

“A pandolphin ought to be cute, but these things are tragic. Watching them pine for a bamboo diet before inevitably starving to death at sea….”

“Friggin’ wizards!”

I’ll keep it short today, because the prompt is pretty dang specific. There are two questions I want to ask  you denizens of Handbook-World.

  1. Are those skugs? Slunks? Or is there some other, more appropriate portmanteau?
  2. Pretend you’re a wizard. What animals would you cram together to make your own original monster?

We’ve already got owlbears, the mighty sharktopus, sea lions, and the eponymous chimera to fuel our collective imaginations. What other horror-show half-breeds ought to grace the pages of our monster manuals? Hit us with all your finest hybrids down in the comments!


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