Some hazards call for specific answers. You’ve got your freedom of movement or liberating command for the grapples. There’s the old standby of alchemist’s fire or acid flask for swarms. Ghosts get magic weapons, flyers get arrowed, and magic-immune golems gets the pits. Unfortunately, the “answer” for getting swallowed whole isn’t much of an answer. Especially if you have the misfortune of being a caster or a ranged combat specialist, a light slashing or piercing weapon isn’t going to do you much good. Only the beefiest of warriors are cutting their way out with a belt knife, and that’s assuming your presumably-great-weapon-loving meathead has remembered to put one on his character sheet.

Friends and minions? This is precisely the time to improvise.

Nowhere in gaming is there a more flavorful situation. You’re being crushed to death in a monster’s throat! You’ve got to do something! On the other hand, nowhere in gaming is there a more nebulously defined set of mechanics. So like… Is there any way to cast fireball so that it doesn’t hit me too? How long can I breathe in there? Can my buddies try and give the monster the Heimlich maneuver? 

This is definitely one of those “expect table variation” moments. Nevertheless, as an exercise in adventurer preparedness, what do you say come up with a few ways to escape the belly of the beast? For today’s discussion, everybody propose a creative method for escaping from a “swallow whole” situation. Alternatively, I will also accept clever actions designed to harm your big-mouthed foe from the inside out. All clear? Alrighty then. See you down in the comments!


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